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Welcome to the website of the Trilogy Photography Club, a club open to all residents of Trilogy at Vistancia who want to improve their picture-taking skills. Or maybe you just want to learn how to use your camera. All are welcome to be a member of our club.

Want to know the secret to taking better photos? Take more photos!

And that is why we exist. We take pictures, talk about our photos and the stories behind them, have monthly themes to encourage members to keep taking pictures, and have guest speakers to help us learn new ideas. We sponsor trips and workshops, and we even have competitions to recognize outstanding photos submitted by members. We also invite members to share their tips about their cameras or how to use Lightroom/Photoshop.

Whether you use a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, or a smartphone camera, you will find our club to be fun and helpful. Take a few minutes to look at our website. Enjoy our “galleries” that often feature our monthly theme or a field trip. And then jump in and join us.

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Mission Statement

To promote learning, photographic proficiency, and fellowship through guest speakers, education, workshops, members helping members, field trips, and photo competitions.

Duane Lakin


Happy Springtime!

The spring blooms are showing us their beauty. Look for websites that can alert you to the best times and places to get wonderful photos. And consider, as a colleague of mine once said, “the only difference between a perennial and a weed is your attitude.”

Congratulations to our many winners in the recent club and ACCC photo competitions. The submissions were shown in our last meeting, and many, especially the winners, are available for view on the website on our homepage and under “galleries.” A slideshow of the photos will also be available on our website under “videos”.

Thank you to Mary Gill for her presentation for “Story Behind the Photo” at our recent meeting. She showed us the art of making a bad situation…cold and not much to see…into an opportunity to take a fun photo with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).

At our next meeting on April 24, our guest speaker is Isabel Guerra Clark who will talk to us about “plug-ins.” She is an amazing photographer and often shows well in major competitions. We look forward to learning a lot from her.

Club member Al Ungar will also present the “What I did to make my photo better” segment. He will show us how he combines images to get the one he wants. We are also hoping one of you will volunteer for the “Story behind the Photo” segment.

We successfully launched what we now call “The F-Stop” on March 27. This is our pre-meeting (5:00-5:45) gathering to invite members to sit and sip together in an informal setting. Look for the club sign in the Kiva patio area if the weather is nice (or inside otherwise) at our next meeting, April 24. Scott Hall, our VP, is the host.

ATTENTION: This month’s theme is “Something that begins with ‘P’.” Have fun and submit your photos to before April 24.

There are no announced field trips this month, but you might want to check out these ideas for future photo opportunities:

Fountain Hills is having a photo contest for photos taken in or around Fountain Hills. If you are interested, check out

Bert Serkin, well-known photographer, is offering a Zoom workshop on April 6 on “Focus Stacking.” Cost with “CC15” discount is $21.21. Sign up:

Watch our website for any new opportunities that we can share with you.

This month offers opportunities for celebrations, visiting family or friends, lots of outdoor activities, and festivals. Capture the morning light or the evening “blue hour” for wonderful landscapes or floral displays. Experiment with different angles, compositions and lighting techniques to add depth and interest to your April photography. Capture spontaneous moments that showcase our Arizona season of spring.

The secret to taking better photos? Take more photos!

Duane Lakin, President

Story Behind the Photo - Mary G


  • April Theme: Something That Starts with the Letter "P". Remember to submit your images to and use the same sizing you would use to submit a photo for competition by following THESE requirements.
  • April 6: Bert Serkin Zoom workshop on “Focus Stacking.” Cost with “CC15” discount is $21.21. Sign up BEFORE April6: a club sponsored activity)
  • April 24: Kiva Patio - informal gathering before the Club meeting
  • April 24 : Club meeting at the Kiva Club, 6:00-7:30. If you are not yet a member of our Club, you are welcome to attend. If you are a member, please invite a guest to join you to see what our club is about.
  • April 24 Club Presenter: Isabel Guerra Clark, an award winning photographer based in Arizona. Her love of travel and adventure has taken her around the world for nearly three decades. This passion shines throughout her work and has attracted a wide audience.


The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is holding its annual Photo Festival in Tucson, Arizona September 18 - 24, 2024. Registration opens April 1, 2024. Check HERE for preliminary information, presenters, location and other information.

PSA Photo Festival Logo


Trilogy Photography Club meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month from September thru May at the Center for High Learning in the Kiva Club at 6 PM. 

Meetings may include guest speakers, field trips to practice skills and capture unique photo opportunities, workshop classes, or club competitions.

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings in November and December may occur on other days or may be cancelled due to holiday conflicts. Trilogy residents who are interested in learning more about the Club are invited to attend prior to joining.


The TPC hosts a number of photo shoots each year, including field trips, workshops in the field, monthly themes, etc. 

Past photo shoots have included:

  • "A Day at the Zoo" led by the Zoo photographers
  • A 3-day trip to Monument Valley for a guided shoot of sunrise and sunset with a Navajo guide
  • A day event at the Pioneer Living History Museum which included a re-enactment of an old west shoot-out!
  • A trip to the Vulture Mine


Each year the TPC hosts at least one club photo competition for its members. 

Judging is performed by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and awards are presented at our Club meetings. 

In addition, winners and their photographs are highlighted on this website and in print at the Trilogy Kiva Club. Information on how to enter can be found HERE.

The TPC also encourages its members to participate in other competitions throughout the year, such as those held by the Arizona Camera Club Council (ACCC). Information on the ACCC competitions can be found HERE.


The best way to learn photography and to improve your skills is to shoot, shoot, shoot...and share! 

The TPC encourages members to "shoot and share" by hosting print displays of selected photographs at the Kiva Club and through posting members' photos on this website. 

We encourage members to submit their photos to "theme of the month" and other special galleries created by the Board.  Please refer to the Competitions tab to learn how to submit correctly sized and named photos.

In addition, the Board posts galleries of winning photographs from the TPC competition(s) and from the ACCC competitions. Please visit our on-line galleries to see and share the work.

Club Meeting
group at vulture mine
David 3
Complementary Colors


If you are not yet a member, please look around our website to see if this is something you might be interested in. We are open to all residents of Trilogy at Vistancia. 

If you would like more information, please email us at and one of the Board members will be in touch with you soon. You are also welcome to attend a meeting as a visitor before signing up.

Are you thinking about buying a camera but know nothing about photography? Do you wish you could get better photos of those darling grandkids? Your next trip? Have you ever thought of photographing a bubble? Do you own a camera or smart phone and want to improve your skills? Do you have photographic skills to share in any aspect of photography from equipment, to getting the best shot, to post-production? Do you enjoy learning and sharing? 

Then we are the Club for you!

Please fill out our on-line application or pick one up at the next meeting and join us in our photographic adventures!

Membership Application and Dues Information

All images on this website are copyrighted and the property of the photographer. No image may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold or transmitted by any means without the permission of the photographer.